Private Banking Solutions |ThinkAlternative:

 Alternative global investment solutions tailored to your needs

Achieve your goals through alternative management, market decorrelation and absolute return.

Management models offer tailor made alternative global investment solutions for private and institutional investors.

The Portfolio seeks to obtain positive returns through the implementation of multiple
strategies based on mathematical, statistical and technical analysis models that involve
dynamic trading in multiple instruments and underlies.

Strategies employ a dynamic quantitative investment style based on multiple systems and methodologies that involve taking a long position, a short position or remaining uninvested in one or more instruments and/or underlyings.

The Portfolio is adaptable to market circumstances, which means that it will not follow a market-specific benchmark and will have a high degree of discretion in the asset
classes in which it can invest.

Our funds are characterised by following a systematic and uncorrelated philosophy

Pillars of ThinkAlternative

Our Think Portfolios aim at market decorrelation and absolute return, where the alpha is extracted through alternative active management.

Controlled volatility and attractive returns consistent with each investor’s risk profile.

De-correlation with traditional financial markets.

High diversification among investment strategies that are in turn uncorrelated to each other. 

Strategies with fully segregated operations that provide daily liquidity.

Portfolios made up of a wide variety of financial instruments and underlies according to each strategy.

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Conservative Plan​

The portfolio is invested prudently and conservatively with a greater focus on lower volatility strategies, which means potentially lower returns.


Moderate Plan​

Investments remain slightly conservative, although it takes greater risks in more volatile strategies. A balance is sought in conservative and aggressive strategies.

Risky Plan

These portfolios invest in the most volatile strategies and have the highest degree of leverage, which implies greater risk, but with much higher expected returns.