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Positive and sustainable returns

Plan your goals for a financial future of opportunity.

Optimise the results of your investment with the least risk through absolute diversification.

The objective of investing in Selection is to obtain positive and sustainable returns over time.

At Altarius Capital we seek to optimise the results provided by the financial stock markets by accepting the least risk through absolute diversification, the most effective method for avoiding the concentration of risk in a portfolio.

Selection is made up of a variety of globally and sectorally diversified assets which, together, provide strength, efficiency and improvement in the profitability and risk of its competitors.

The important pillars of Selection

Knowing four important columns of this portfolio, we seek that despite the adverse economic scenario, Selection maintains a high probability of recovery.


Diversification within the portfolio allows for risk control.


It brings better or, at worst, similar results to those of competitors with a lower risk.


It provides the security of always having a counterpart and being able to receivemoney just by giving sales orders

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Low cost

The assets invested in maintain a lower cost than the average of competitors, thus increasing the portfolio’s return.

How does the investment process work?

Selection is based on three universal pillars (active, passive, liquidity), so it usescertain specific criteria that allow assets to be selected according to a series of qualitative and quantitative parameters.

Active Strategy

The manager makes an exhaustive selection, where it seeks proposals based on its criteria, in order to obtain higher returns than those offered by the market.

Passive Strategy

This strategy seeks to achieve the returns offered by benchmark indices in the money, bond and equity markets. Similarly, it is the manager who has the appropriate weightings based on the analysis of ratios and indicators.

Liquidity Strategy

The Manager identifies high levels of uncertainty and/or systemic risk in the markets and therefore decides to hold the portfolio in liquidity or money market instruments. These levels are the result of an analysis of the macro and microeconomic environment to protect our clients’ capital against possible adverse scenarios.

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