Luxury Living ETI

The Luxury Living ETI will invest in luxury living cell 1, a cell of the 79th Group Fund PCC with ISIN GI000A3C86L0. The objective of this fund is to achieve capital growth by investing in and further developing property (which may include undervalued real estate opportunities in the leisure, commercial, and residential sectors) and liquid […]

NLA Real Estate ETI

NLA Real Estate ETI implements an investment strategy underpinned by the House Flipping business model, which focuses on the acquisition of residential properties at prices below their intrinsic value in the Madrid real estate market. This tactic benefits from the purchase of undervalued real estate assets, followed by high-quality renovations and a sale at prices […]


The META ETI has been specifically designed for conservative profiles, being eligible for retail clients and financial institutions’ balance sheets by meeting high standards and rigorous regulatory requirements. The objective of the strategy is to maintain a controlled volatility of maximum 12% annualised and to maintain high diversification ratios via the implementation of a portfolio […]

ThinkCredit ETI

In the current market environment, marked by rising interest rates and uncertainty about inflation and future earnings, finding the right investment can be difficult. Most equity indices are down more than 20% so far this year (S&P 500 -23%, Nasdaq -32% and Eurostoxx 50 -21%)*, pushing more and more investors to preserve capital. To maximise […]

Alcantara ETI

The investment strategy is carried out through a comprehensive approach that, by means of investing in the Junior Notes of Alcantara Short-Term Lending FT, aims to provide short-term financing to Spanish Corporates and SMEs while generating attractive returns for investors. Alcantara Short-Term Lending FT targets a granular portfolio of more than 60 borrowers, with a […]